University of Lahore

The University of Lahore established a new institution (University Institute of Physical Therapy-UIPT) in September, 2012 under the umbrella of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences.UIPT started its journey with launching of “Doctor of Physical Therapy (5-years, 10 semesters)” undergraduate program with induction of three semesters at the same time with total number of 235 students.In 2013, UIPT offered different postgraduate programs including PhD and the total student body of  is more than 1600 now.UIPT have very dynamic highly qulified faculty  from renowned and prestigious institutions of Pakistan.During its way to progress, UIPT achieved  many mile stones by conducting and participating in different curricular and extracurricular activities of national and international events such as All Pakistan Sports Gala, All Pakistan Annual Dinner, Islamic & Cultural Events and participation in International games.

Dean Message

In March 2012 the Faculty of Allied Health Sciences was established which in December 2012 is marked with accomplishments in the areas of academia, research and extracurricular activities. Due to full support from the Chairman BOG, The University of Lahore, bold initiatives were taken for launching new departments this year.

HOD Message

University Institute of Physical Therapy (UIPT) is a newly established department under the umbrella of Faculty of Allied Health Sciences (FAHS). The date of birth of this department is 1st September, 2012. The launching milestone achieved by this department was the accommodation of so many migration students from other known universities. So it started its journey from four semesters and five classes with senior most batch of 4th semester then later on started different postgraduate programs including PhD,now our graduates are serving in government and private sector.